How it works

Enter your online suggestion box title
Let people post to your online suggestion box
View your online suggestion box responses
Let people vote on your suggestions
Step 1

Enter your box title/subject at Your online suggestion box link is automatically created, and you are sent instructions on how to view your responses. You can create more boxes from your dashboard.

Step 2

Your respondents securely reply by visiting your online suggestion box link. We also provide html code for your website. They can optionally leave an e-mail address for a reply from you. We hide their e-mail address and relay messages.

Step 3

View your responses and reply to those who want to be contacted. Our system hides their e-mail address and relays the message for you.

Step 4

Add select responses to your public voting box for anonymous voting and discussion.

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Everything is included:

Privacy Restrictions

SSL encryption on everything
Password-protect box
Limit box access by IP address

Voting & Discussion

People can up/down vote suggestions you select
Anonymous discussion

Box Sharing

Share your box with an email list
Box links post nicely to Facebook

And much more...

Response Tagging
Customize logo & text
Feedback button HTML code
Box admins

Suggestion box ideas:

Customer/Employee Feedback & Ideas

"Did we launch this product too quickly?"

Community Watches or Law Enforcement

"Do you have any information on a late model blue sedan seen prowling around 5th and Western? "

Social Media

"What do you really think of this new product? Tell us anonymously."

So many more uses...

School/daycare feedback, news outlets (for anonymous tips), restaurant/business feedback, online customer feedback...

Simple dashboard

Sort and view your responses instantly

Security pledge:

We want to make sure your respondents feel safe responding to your box,
so we've taken several steps to safeguard their anonymity, including:

We use 128-bit SSL encryption (just like banks)

We encrypt and never display their email address (if they provide one)

More on our Security Pledge


extension tokens:

Need your box for longer than 30 days? Extension tokens can be purchased
in 6 or 12-month increments.

If you have multiple boxes in the same account, you might want to purchase
a 12-month unlimited box token. The 12-month unlimited box token extends all
present and future account boxes for 12 months from the date the token is
first applied.

If you want to extend your box for longer than 12 months, you can apply multiple tokens to the same box.

Your extension tokens are emailed to you immediately after purchase.

6-Month Token
$40 Qty:
12-Month Token
$75 Qty:
12-Month Unlimited Box Token
$150 Qty:

Custom Suggestion Boxes

Need a set of features not offered by Corpell Anonymous Box? We offer custom solutions too.
Since all customizations are based on the secure Corpell Anonymous Box platform, it's likely
cheaper (and faster) to work with us instead of developing it in-house.

Examples of customizations:

Custom-branded response page

Integrated website response form

Custom alerts

Limit who can respond

Multiple response fields

Require respondent's contact info

Drop us a line at

Just want a custom web address?


Buy a token here create one from the "Customize URL" menu in your box. Keep your custom web address for as long as your box is active. This is a one-time fee.
Custom Web Address Token
$30 Qty:

Competitor Comparison

There are many online suggestion box solutions out there, but with varied features and philosophies, they can be difficult to compare. We've done our best to compare the core features of several top competitors below.

Corpell Anonymous Box includes many of the features offered by enterprise-level solutions. The key difference (other than price, of course) is that we try not to attach any “best practice” philosophies to our product. We give you the tools, and let you decide how best to use them.  

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